Top Five modern back-packers must haves

1.  Walking shoes and socks.

This may seem obvious, but comfortable shoes plus pairs of cushy socks should never be over looked.  After all, walking is the best way to experience a place!

2.  An iPhone/Smartphone/iPad/Laptop.

A little extreme maybe, but we often google great places we have heard of, gather updated train/subway information or even check-in using FourSquare for great tips on the restaurants we are dining at.

3.  That being said, a major necessity is a pad lock.

Most hostels will have some sort of locker facility, but aren’t likely anymore to provide a locking mechanism.  This item is extremely important if you are bringing along anything even slightly valuable, or plan on sharing a dorm also.

4.  A universal plug or voltage adaptor.

These days most items are being made as dual voltage, but you will continue to find things that are set in 240v (as in our home country of New Zealand) and will not work in America’s 110v plugs.  These are relatively cheap to buy (around $US30.00)

5.  A washing bag.

My backpack came with a net bag that can be unclasped from the pack and used separately.  If your hostel doesn’t have laundry services you may be forced to carry your clothes a long way.

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