And the planning starts again!

This is almost as exciting as the day you depart on your trip…the day you start planning everything.

I have collected enough brochures from the Travel Expo to sink a cruise ship (also picked up some brochures on cruise ships), read 1000 travel blogs (from ‘how to travel on a budget’ to ‘what to pack’), ordered a ridiculous amount of Lonely Planet guides, and spoken to any/all my friends who have ever travelled to or near Asia.

So I think I’m ready to actually start planning.

And my first act of planning, is to decide to not plan too much.

Ironic, I know.  But I am a planning master.  Always the one put on logistics, booking things until every inch of our trip, no matter if it’s a short weekend away, or, as in this case, a year-long adventure to many (if not all) of the countries I’ve ever wanted to visit.

So for once, I’m trying something new.  I want to have a vague plan, but only a few things set in stone – so not only is this going to be a trip of a lifetime, but also a test for myself to see if I can, well, let some things go.

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