The Flip Side

There has always been one saying that has helped me see things a little clearer during some of the harder moments in my life, and that is: you can't have light without the dark. We wouldn't know how great the light was if we didn't have the dark to compare it to.  And here, for me, is [...]


Love thy Neighbour

I put a quote on my home page when I set this blog up which states: “The use of traveling is to regulate imagination by reality, and instead of thinking how things may be, to see them as they are.” - Samuel Johnson and this is what I’m most excited about when it comes to the [...]


So we have finally been issued our Indonesian extended tourist visas - meaning we can actually follow through with our plans to stay in Bali, Lombok, Java and the surrounding islands for maximum 60-days.  It cost us $NZD80, and was unbelievably easy.  As simple as filling in a form and sending everything to the Indonesian [...]


Oh god.  I just quit my job. Things were feeling real before but nothing has felt as tangible and massive as quitting a job that I love.  It's actually happening! I can officially say that I have quit my job to travel the world! Again! It got to the point in terms of notice, that [...]

Travel Map

So I thought I would post a list of the vague plan as we have it set out at the moment - and I will just keep editing this along the way, so you can see where we are at in the planning stages!  As you can see some of it gets very skeletal the [...]

Making it all real

The first step that always makes a trip such as this feel real, is when you start actually booking things.  Putting that first chunk of money down which says, "There's no backing down now". Up until this point, any time any one asked about the trip, I always felt a little like a fraud - [...]