The journey began in a place that I've been to many times before.  A relatively standard holiday destination for a lot of Kiwis. Melbourne.  I take time out each year to attend the Formula 1 Grand Prix there, and hence I thought it a great place to start our year long journey. Melbourne has an [...]


The Beginning

Wow. I can't believe I have been on this trip for almost a month already!! Even saying that blows my mind! So these blog posts will start from the beginning - so that I don't miss anything out! First stop- Melbourne! Keep an eye on this space!

The Flip Side

There has always been one saying that has helped me see things a little clearer during some of the harder moments in my life, and that is: you can't have light without the dark. We wouldn't know how great the light was if we didn't have the dark to compare it to.  And here, for me, is [...]


So we have finally been issued our Indonesian extended tourist visas - meaning we can actually follow through with our plans to stay in Bali, Lombok, Java and the surrounding islands for maximum 60-days.  It cost us $NZD80, and was unbelievably easy.  As simple as filling in a form and sending everything to the Indonesian [...]


Oh god.  I just quit my job. Things were feeling real before but nothing has felt as tangible and massive as quitting a job that I love.  It's actually happening! I can officially say that I have quit my job to travel the world! Again! It got to the point in terms of notice, that [...]